Why You Should be Using Pinterest to Sell Your Product


You may think that Pinterest is just for bored women looking for outfit inspiration, unique wedding ideas or recipes, but it’s so much more than that. If you have a product to sell, a blog, website, Etsy shop, here is why you should be using Pinterest to market yourself.


175 MILLION people use Pinterest every month! That is not a made up number. People (mostly women) flock to Pinterest for inspiration, ideas, product recommendations, and more. It’s quickly become a handy search engine to not only get information, but also find a specific item you’re looking for, complete with a link to where it can be purchased. It turns browsers into buyers. People see it, they like it, they buy it. The path from view to purchase is short, fast and easy.


Pinterest also helps you figure out what your audience likes and what they don’t. When you create a business account with Pinterest, you get the power of analytics. The analytics give you valuable insight into what your audience is clicking, saving, and just generally responding to. And of course, what they aren’t. You can also see things like who your audience is in terms of gender and where they live. All that knowledge is power! Power that you can use to generate traffic and sales.


Pinterest pays attention. If you start pinning other people’s pins that have gone viral or have a lot of repins, it helps your profile rank higher. This means Pinterest will notice that you pin really great, in demand content and give you more exposure. Posting the best pins means more people will see you, follow you, and hopefully click on over to your website.


It gets even more interesting. People are using Pinterest to make money even when they don’t have a product to sell. They are doing this through Affiliate Marketing. What’s affiliate marketing, you ask? Basically, an online retailer pays you a commission to promote or drive traffic to their sites, resulting in sales. Pinterest put a stop to affiliate links for a period of time because spammers were abusing them. But they’ve boosted their spam detection and have begun allowing them again. I’ll go more in depth about affiliate marketing in my next post. Otherwise, the link below is not only an example of an affiliate link, but also a great book on how to get started in affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step Beginner Guide For Making Money Online


All of this info is just way too good to pass up as a business person. Why are you not using this platform to sell your products or drive traffic to your site? It’s so simple. As your audience pins your images, the people that follow them are exposed to your content. This can create a ripple effect and thus, your reach grows.


These are just a few small reasons to use Pinterest for online marketing. Just the tip of the iceberg, really. Check back for my next post on How To Get Started Using Pinterest for Online Marketing.


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