Focus on Self Care • Ways to De-Stress at Home

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Life is hectic. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. It’s so important to make time for self care to maintain your health and sanity. What is self care? It’s provided for you, by you. It’s any activity (or maybe just lack of activity) that lets you escape your stresses and recharge your batteries. If you have trouble making time for yourself outside of the house, there are many easy ways to do it at home. (Bonus: it’s cheaper to stay home).

Some simple ideas for self care:
– exercise
– yoga & meditation
– coffee & catch up with friends
– a long bubble bath
– light some candles
– read a book in a quiet room
– go for a walk
– play with a pet
– listen/dance to your favorite music
– take a nap

Adding certain items into your living space may also help you feel at peace when you finally take a break from parenting, working, studying, or whatever else it is that’s bogging your life down. Maybe you have a space in your home you can dedicate to de-stressing? I’ve created a list of items for your zen retreat (and handy dandy links on where to find them). If you don’t have a spot you can entirely dedicate these items to, perhaps adding a few around the home will keep you mindful on maintaining balance in your mind, body and soul.


Yoga Mat

Let’s start with the basics. A yoga mat. Everyone should have one. Whether you want to start a yoga practice, learn to meditate, or enjoy working out at home, it will come in handy. Having a pretty one that makes you happy every time you roll it out is a nice bonus. I like this purple lotus Gaiam Premium Print Mat.  It’s reversible and comes with a bonus, free yoga workout download. If you’re looking for added motivation, here’s a great link for TOP 10 YOUTUBE YOGA VIDEOS FOR BEGINNERS.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are believed to help improve sleep, boost blood flow, increase serotonin levels in the brain,and calm allergy or asthma symptoms. Many users claim to have been skeptical at first but actually DO notice a positive change in their allergies and sleep patterns after purchasing a one.
At $17.99 it won’t break the bank. And at the very least, it’s warm glow will provide light and calm vibes into your world. Get your own natural and hand crafted lamp 


Meditation Pillows

I’m loving this Reema Back Cushion by Urban Outfitters. Make your intentions to meditate daily a reality by creating a designated space to sit and breathe deeply. When you aren’t meditating it also adds seating to a living space and looks oh-so-inviting. You can get this exact pillow here. 

Or check out these meditation pillows as a smaller option.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils in the home has many benefits. Depending on the oils you choose, you can improve sleep, relieve stress, deter bugs, kill bacteria, etc. Not to mention using 100% essential oils are far better to breathe in than some candles and air fresheners made with many toxic chemicals. This one can be used for aromatherapy, as a nightlight, and as a humidifier.


Essential Oils

I’m sure you’ve been reading more and more that essential oils are growing in popularity. As I said above, essential oils have many uses and health benefits. There is endless information online on how to properly use essential oils in your life.
This kit contains 9 popular oils and comes with an e-book to help you understand the benefits and uses for each one.


Succulent Terrarium

Bringing the outdoors in will leave you feeling calm and happy even in the middle of winter. You can now purchase a terrarium kit online complete with live plants! Come on! This kit comes with everything you need to design and build your own indoor garden. Including 3 live and healthy plants. No need to go all over town to get all the materials needed. Thank you Amazon!


Juniper Bonsai Tree

More greenery. The purpose of the bonsai tree is primarily contemplation for the viewer, and the pleasant effort and ingenuity on behalf of you, the grower. Something about them just says calm and serenity.
Also available through Amazon to make things extra easy for you.
Get yours 


Soy Candles

If you choose to go with candles over diffusing essential oils, make sure you go with soy. I mentioned above, most candles these days are FULL of harmful chemicals that we are breathing in. This includes those scented wall plug ins too. Do some research and make sure what you are burning is safe to inhale. Silver Dollar Candle Co. makes 100% Natural Soy Candles with Cotton wicks. They are eco friendly and don’t fill your space with toxic chemicals for the sake of a fresh smelling home.
Check them out
: Lavender and Vanilla Handmade Candle 100% Soy Wax by Silver Dollar Candle Co.


Bathtub Caddy

Make your bathroom a luxurious, self care retreat. Zen out with some soy candles, bubbles, a glass of wine and a good book after a long, stressful day.
Check out the 
BAMBUROBA Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Organizer OR if getting crafty is your form of self care, check out this tutorial for making your own DIY Bathtub Tray.


Sand Garden

Zen sand gardens are a great way to become more mindful and relaxed. Keep one on your desk or coffee table. During study breaks or commercials, play around with it, rake patterns into the sand and zone out. Get your Deluxe Wooden Zen Sand Garden from Amazon here.



Feeling Inspired?

I hope this list inspires you to strive for a more peaceful, de-stressed way of thinking and living. Never forget to look after yourself. You can’t do your best at work, school or home if you are stretched too thinly. Since becoming a mother, one of my favorite sayings is “You cannot pour from an empty cup”. Always, always, make time for self care.


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