12 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Home & Life

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With Winter approaching, I’m on a mission to get my house as clutter free and organized as possible. Once the snow starts to fly I become so much less ambitious. Trips to the garbage/recycling outside seem like a huge tasks to get bundled up for. And loading up the car and driving half an our to the thrift store to make decluttered donations is never fun.

I’ve just completed a HUGE purge. I even made some money selling things to the ladies in my local Facebook Mom’s Group. Everything else went to a thrift shop. Now my next step is organizing all the things that are left. I’ve done this so many times but nothing ever seems to STAY organized. I’m not messing around this time. I’m actually going to invest in some proper organization. I did some Pinterest research and started pricing things out. I thought I’d share photos and links to some of the cool products I found that won’t break the bank. Click the product names for pricing.


Adjustable Drawer Dividers

These handy little adjustable dividers come in packs of 3. You can change the sizes of the sections to best fit whatever it is you’re organizing. These have got me dreaming about perfectly organized kitchen drawers, craft and office supplies, and junk drawers. Then I thought how well these would work in my daughter’s room to separate socks, diapers, creams/ointments, or t-shirts and onesies. Or they’d even work in my own room to separate socks, underwear, belts and jewelry. Endless possibilities!


Supreme Stackable Can Rack Organizer

Has anyone else seen the drool-worthy pantry organization pins floating around Pinterest? They’re so inspiring! They make me want to stock up on canned goods, pasta, etc. during sales and feel like I’ve got
my s#!t together. This stackable can organizer is where it’s at!


Pan Pot & Organizer Rack

This adjustable rack is perfect for both pots and pans. Anyone else’s cupboard look like the “Before” photo?
I really hope it’s not just mine…


Kitchen Cabinet Upright Storage Rack for Pot/Pan Lids

Can’t forget about storing the pot and pan lids! No more lids sliding around in the cupboard with this rack. Get them on the door for more practical storage. I’m thinking this is way easier to find the right size lid than crouching down, halfway into the cupboard like I do now while trying to remember not to bump my head on the way back out!


Magnetic Chore Responsibility Chart


While you’re organizing your STUFF, why not try to improve the overall organization of life? Keep your kids on task and teach them responsibility at the same time. Stick this chart on the fridge and give them a task that they can easily handle that you have a hard time fitting into daily life. If and how you choose to reward them could create great incentives for everyone.


Closet Doodles Clothing Dividers with Sorting Labels


These clothing dividers make me so excited! They would be awesome for separating baby/toddler clothes. I have so many clothes for my daughter that don’t fit her yet and I’m worried I’ll forget about them by the time they do. If they’re separated into their specific sizes I’ll be able to see exactly what she has and exactly what sizes she’s lacking. I need a set for me too. The idea of planning out a whole week’s worth of outfits is so inspiring. I spend way too much time getting dressed in the morning. These dividers come in packages of 6 and have labels to help you decide how you want to organize your items.

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

Umbra Pendant Hanging Scarf Organizer

If you’re anything like me you’ve got infiniti scarves hanging in several locations throughout the house.
This cool, copper holder has 15 sections to hold all your scarves in one place.


Shabby Chic Birds In Tree Jewelry Holder

My jewelry is a disaster. I fight with it almost daily. It seems that whatever necklace I want is always tangled up with another.  I love this pretty, yet functional, copper jewelry tree


9 in 1 Wall Hanging Storage Hooks Jewelry Organizer

If you have more jewelry than will fit on a jewelry tree, maybe this organizer is a better solution.
And you can hide it behind a door or in a closet if you are going for a more minimalistic look.
It’s also super affordable and easy to install.

Wall Mount Mail Holder, Key Rack, Message Board Organizer

Designate a spot by your front door for this handy dandy organizer so you never forget important tasks or struggle to find your keys. If you need to remember to take something with you when you leave the house, put it in the basket and write yourself (or your spouse/kids) a gentle reminder you/they can’t miss.


Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain

How cool is this shower curtain with built in pockets? Awesome idea if you don’t have any shelves in your shower.


Under the Bed Store and Slide Storage Box

These storage boxes are something I already have but plan on adding more to my home. I currently use these under my bed to store my off season clothing. I just pulled out all my Fall/Winter clothes and put my summer clothes away into them. Now they’re tucked away under my bed. Out of sight. My plan is to get more to store spare linens and guest towels under each bed in my home. That way they are handy when I strip beds and can be easily grabbed for quick changes. Doing this will leave more room in the linen closet and leave it looking lighter and more organized.


I hope these items have left you feeling inspired to simplify, de-clutter, and breath new life into your home. I’ve already ordered several of these beauties and can’t wait to get to work once they arrive. Do you have any favourite tools or tricks to organize your household? Please feel free to leave them in the comments section.


For more organization inspiration, follow my Pinterest board below:

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