Boss Babes to Follow on Pinterest

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What do you think of when you hear “Boss Babe”? For me, a boss babe is a self made, hard working woman who is making a living working for themselves. And maybe she’s helping others along the way.

When I entered into the world of affiliate marketing and blogging, I was totally lost. There is so much to learn. And don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely still learning. I work at it every single day and I must say, I do learn something new every day. There is a fantastic amount of information available to us online. I have found lots of help via Pinterest from some pretty awesome ladies who have worked hard to grow their following and put great content out there. So I wanted to give them some recognition as a thank you. Here are a few of the amazingly inspiring bad-ass boss babes that have motivated me to stick with it. Some have even given me personal advice and/or offered me the opportunity to collaborate with them.

So here they are, in no particular order:


Olyvia | Online Business + Blogging

Pinterest Followers: Over 21,500
Olyvia offers business owners helpful advice as well as blogging, website and social media tips. I credit this babe with bringing the power of Pinterest to my attention. I had no idea how helpful a tool it could be until I stumbled upon this pin:


Christina Root | Pinterest Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Pinterest Followers: Over 6,500
Christina offers fantastic step by step advice regarding affiliate marketing and using Pinterest to do it without even having a blog, product or website. THAT got my attention. I was on maternity leave, searching Pinterest for ways to make money as a stay at home mom. I had never heard of affiliate marketing before seeing THIS pin:



Seaside Sundays | All things parenting plus tips for making and saving money 

Pinterest Followers: Over 2,600
Like her description says, she provides great parenting posts and tips for making and saving money. I got a lot of info from her Make Money Pinterest Board when I was getting started. I’ve also received super helpful emails from her regarding glitches and changes happening on Pinterest. I emailed her back with some of my issues and she was fast and helpful in her response. It’s so nice to hear from these ladies and know they are putting in the effort to help others. She has a great guide to affiliate marketing you should check out below:



Nadalie Bardo | Goal Setting + Slaying, Self-love, Mindset, Inspiration + Blogger

Pinterest Followers: Over 16,500
Nadalie’s main focus is helping others achieve their dreams through goal setting/achieving, inspiring mindfulness and confidence building. She offers lots of inspiring quotes and “freebies” to help keep you motivated to live your best life. She’s also created an awesome printable planner to help you “Slay Your Goals”. Check it out below if you need that extra push to get your butt in gear and really pursue your dreams, whatever they may be.



Adrian of AdriansCrazyLife

Pinterest Followers: Over 23,000
Adrian is a self proclaimed Pinterest Expert. And judging by her number of followers, you really can’t argue! She’s got the winning Pinterest strategy! She’s got the key to Direct Sales marketing (Etsy, for example) as well. She’s given me some great, personal feedback that I really valued. While Pinterest is her area of expertise, she also offers parenting and financial posts, as well as blogging advice. She’ll even do one on one Pinterest coaching sessions. Because sometimes you just need that experienced set of eyes to look at what YOU are doing.



Suzi | Start a Mom Blog | Work from Home as a Stay and Work at Home Mom | Time Management 

Pinterest Followers: Almost 12,000
I really wish I could remember the pin that originally caught my eye. But either way, Suzi is a mom blogger, and I was in search of all the info I could get. Suzi’s niche is teaching moms, like herself, how to start a Mom Blog. She been very successful at it, has great blog content and has written courses and e-books on the subject to help others succeed. This one is my favourite: 


I hope you can all find some inspiration from these awesome ladies. They may not be aware of it but they’ve taught me so much! I urge all of you aspiring boss babes to follow them and gain some helpful tips along your journey. You never know how much information and education you can get just by clicking on a simple Pinterest pin. 



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What exactly is Hygge??

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Have you seen the word Hygge floating around social media a LOT lately, paired with images of warm blankets, glowing candles, steaming cups of coffee or tea? What exactly IS Hygge you ask? Well, I’m going to break it down for you.

Hyggepronounced “HUE-gah” is actually a Danish word. It can’t be explained in one word. But it’s been described as the art of creating coziness and joy in the everyday moments of life. It’s a word used to acknowledge a feeling or a moment as cozy or special. Often with family or friends, but can certainly be appreciated alone as well. Picture a quiet Sunday afternoon spent near a warm fire, with a cup of tea, a wool blanket, and a good book.


Hygge is a very important part of being Danish. Having moments of cozy contentment and well-being is just part of the Dane lifestyle. If you ever travel to Copenhagen, you’ll see candles everywhere. Always burning. Day or night. In shops, restaurants, on the streets, etc. The average Dane burns 13 pounds of candle wax a year!


Given that Danes are known for being among the happiest people in the world, I don’t think we can argue that Hygge-ing out is just plain good for the soul. So by all means, get your Hygge on! Slow down and take comfort in the little things that replenish your soul.


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10 Super Simple Ways to Lose Weight

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It’s a new year! I’m pretty sure a few of you have made resolutions to get fit/lose weight. Or maybe just be a little healthier. It’s the perfect time of year for it. The weather stinks. The holidays are over. The Christmas cookies are all gone. Let’s start 2018 off right!

I’m not a big fan of working out. And I don’t have a lot of willpower. But I’ve found what works for me and what doesn’t. I’d love to share some super simple tips and tricks that help me to maintain my healthy weight. I’ve compiled a list of easy ways to fit in exercise and some substitutions for not so healthy foods. I hope this list gives you some new ideas to help you reach your goals.


Tip #1Eat small but frequent meals.
You’ve probably heard this advice before. Eating frequent (but healthy) snacks throughout the day keeps you from feeling hungry and deprived, keeps your metabolism up, and helps control your blood sugar levels. Try to have a small, healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch and again between lunch and dinner. Some healthy snacks I love are yogurt, granola bars, baby carrots with hummus, or a handful of multigrain crackers. I also like to have a very small, sugar free snack before bed to keep my stomach full and metabolism up. I usually grab a handful of nuts or a couple small pieces of cheese.

Tip #2. Drink lots of water.
Not only does water flush out toxins from your body, it works as a natural, calorie free, appetite suppressant. If you are always feeling hungry, you can use water to trick your stomach into thinking it’s full. If you aren’t a big water drinker because you need more flavour, add lemon (see tip #3) or try adding other fruit with one of these cool fruit infusing water bottles.

Fill the infuser with your favourite fruit to stay hydrated while giving you a shot of natural flavour.

Tip #3. Add lemon to your water.
Lemon is a natural, healthy way to boost your metabolism. And it tastes great! Squeeze a lemon or add some fresh slices to your water every day to help with your weight loss routine. Studies have shown that it’s most effective when your drink it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Not only does it help with weight loss, it’s also great for your skin and cleanses your liver. As well as adding a dose of vitamin C to boost your immune system and fight off colds.

Tip #4. Add some cardio!
You don’t need to sweat. But you do need to get your heart rate up. Ideally, we should be getting 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week. It’s really not as hard as it sounds. You don’t need a gym membership. You don’t need to start running. Just go for a walk!
Try this: Grab your phone or iPod, turn on some upbeat music, and speed walk (walk fast enough to get your heart rate up) for 15 minutes. That’s it. Then turn around and do the same thing until you’re home. Boom! 30 minutes of cardio done. It seems way easier if you just think of it as walking for 15 minutes and then heading home. In a perfect world, you should do this 5 times a week. If you’re having trouble fitting it in, start by aiming for every other day. Eventually you’ll WANT to go for those speed walks to breathe some fresh air, get your heart pumping, and clear your head.

Cardio idea for moms – Have a dance party with your kids. Shake the sillies out, sing, dance, have fun!

Tip #5. Fit in extra calorie burns
Here’s a little secret that I use to fit in more exercise. I do 10-15 squats every time I need to use the bathroom. Think about how many times a day you need a bathroom break. Multiply that number by 10-15 squats a day. THEY ADD UP! You can do this at work or home and each set only takes seconds to complete, making it so easy to fit into your day. And if you’re already following tip #2 and drinking more water, that will equal more bathroom breaks and therefore more squats 😉

You can also try making yourself a “daily fitness to do list”. Example: 100 jumping jacks, 50 squats, 25 lunges per leg, 50 sit ups. Fit your list in throughout your day. For some, it’s easier to spread it out through the day instead of trying to set aside a chunk of time reserved just for working out. This can be especially tricky if you are home with kids constantly interrupting you.

Add weights –  increase your weight resistance by
wearing ankle weights like these. 

Even just wearing them walking around the house or work while going about your normal routine will help you burn extra calories. They are affordable and really don’t take much effort at all.


Tip #6. Try something new.
If you’re tired of the same old workout routine with limited results, mix it up. Maybe you just haven’t found the right form of exercise for your body. Try some things you’ve never tried before, and alternate those workouts to keep your body guessing. The game changer for me was trying yoga. I hated working out. But I found yoga didn’t really feel like a workout. It’s gentle, rejuvenating and quiet. But it’s toned my body better than anything else I’ve tried. We live in a world where information is at our fingertips. There are so many awesome YouTube videos and channels out there with free workouts. Meaning, you can try something new in the comfort of your own home. Here is a link to a great yoga video for complete beginners.


Tip #7: Food substitutions.
Here’s a list of simple ways to make healthier choices:

• Switch your bread from white to whole wheat
• Swap your 2% milk for 1%, Skim or Almond Milk
• Swap pop or juice for lemon water
• Craving Fries? Opt for sweet potato fries
• Try using honey in your tea/coffee instead of white sugar. Or start gradually reducing the amount of sugar
you use. Eventually you won’t miss it.
• Another way to cut sugar out of your coffee: use Vanilla Almond milk in place of cream and sugar. Yes, it still has sugar in it, but is a better alternative.
• Swap mashed potatoes for brown/wild rice or quinoa or caulitatoes (cauliflower mashed potatoes)
• HAVE to have potatoes? Opt for sweet potatoes instead.
• Swap vegetable oil for coconut or olive oil when cooking
• Reduce your red meat. Opt instead for chicken or fish. Other alternatively great sources of protein are nuts/seeds, eggs, quinoa, chick peas, hemp hearts, beans, lentils, hummus, tofu.
• Swap sugary cereals for granola with nuts, seeds, raisins and yogurt. A healthier way to get the same     satisfying crunch of a bowl of cereal.
• Pasta lover? Instead of regular pasta, switch to whole wheat pasta or spaghetti squash.
Or get yourself an affordable handheld spiralizer like this one and
make zucchini noodles.
• Swap creamy pasta sauces for healthier versions like these:
 Healthier Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce and Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce.
• Love chips and dip? Try veggies and hummus. You still get the satisfying crunch and dipping.

Tip #8: Write it down!
When I was struggling with controlling my weight, this made a huge difference in my progress. I found if I wrote down everything I ate and my daily exercise, I was able to notice patterns in my habits and I became more mindful in improving them. It’s so easy to just pop a candy in your mouth or have a cookie and not give it much thought. 

It’s just one, right? Well if you know you have to write it down it makes you contemplate whether it’s really what you want to be doing. I got myself a health tracking journal like this one and wrote down everything I ate and what exercise I did each day. I also tried to keep track off my mood, how I was feeling about myself, etc.

Tip #9: Meal Prep
Set yourself up to succeed by prepping your healthy meals ahead of time. That way if you’re rushed, sleep in, etc, you can just reach into the fridge and have a healthy lunch or dinner ready to go. No excuses to eat out or order a pizza! Here is a great link on Meal Prep for Beginners.

Tip #10: The 21/90 Rule.
Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t happen overnight. Really give your new routine some time. If that means saying no to outside obligations, then so be it. Surround yourself with positive influences and make it happen!


So simple right? Motivated? I hope so! Give some of these tips a try and make 2018 YOUR YEAR! 

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15 Items to Entice A Picky Eater to Enjoy Mealtime

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Do you have a toddler or child in your household who’s a fussy eater? I know I’m not alone here. My almost 2 year old is making mealtimes so stressful! Why will she not just EAT?! Trying an unfamiliar food is out of the question. And forget about vegetables. I need to try something new. Time to remove the stress and make meals fun. Maybe…just maybe, with the right “tools” I’ll see some success. I’ve searched Amazon for the top rated items in relation to getting fussy eaters to enjoy mealtime and make things fun. Here’s what I’ve come up with. I’ve ordered a couple things and am crossing my fingers. Maybe they’ll at least make her smile instead of just saying “NO!” or “Yucky!” Give them a try it you are feeling desperate too.


Fred DINNER WINNER Kids’ Dinner Tray, Enchanted Forest

This tray is designed to turn mealtime into a board game. The goal is to get to the finish line, where a special covered treat awaits. But, your kids have to eat everything leading to the end in order to get their treat.  Food is divided into eight portions, with an extra covered portion for dessert.
Home Run BaseballSuper (Supper) HeroDino Time and Pirate themes also available.



Sporkstix, Part Spork & Part Chopsticks 


These fun little guys can be used as a fork, spoon or chopsticks. Kids have fun using them and increase their fine motor skills. Bonus: For every Fed Sporkstix sold, the company gives two meals to children in need.




The UpChefs food shaper for kids transforms soft fruit, vegetables, sliced block cheese, lunch meats, sandwiches, and more into fun shapes. These fun, quarter-sized shapes are irresistible to even the pickiest eaters from toddler age on up!



 Construction Utensils & Plate

This set comes with a Construction Plate plus 3 Construction Utensils to make eating a fun activity.
Garden Fairy Set also available if the construction theme isn’t all that exciting for your little one. Parents will love that it’s Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.



 Another product made by FED, which means that each purchase gives 2 meals to children in need. This gadget is more fun than a spoon or fork – The First Ever Pull Action Utensil! Increases fine motor skills while making meal time fun.


 Kirecoo Babies Silicone Suction Owl Placemat

We all know at least one person who cannot have their food touching other foods. Children are no exception in many cases. This product has 3 sections for different foods and has a polished bottom – reducing tipped bowls and plates. It creates better suction to tables and high chairs.
Blue Owl Design — (Also available in PINK)


 AIRFORK ONE Kids Airplane Silicone Stainless Steel Spoon & Fork Set

These utensils are just the thing to bring those mashed potatoes and peas in for a safe landing. It’s high-flying meal-time fun for the little ones.


Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch 

 These food pouches are great if you are still feeding your little ones purees. They are easy to fill from the wide bottom opening. Babies and toddlers learn to feed themselves. Hand one over and enjoy your own meal. They are freezer safe too if you make a batch ahead of time. Can also be used as a lunchbox freezer pack.


 Nuby 3-D Monster Snack Keeper

This cool cup is more for snacking than mealtimes. But it’s a great way to keep snacks in the cup and off the floor. We have two and they are great for filling with Cheerios, raisins, and dried cranberries before heading out in the car. I like to bring one on grocery trips too to keep my daughter occupied. The soft silicone flaps make it easy for baby/toddler to grab snack without spilling it.


Crazy 8 Sale On Now!



This kid-sized dinner plate is illustrated with a boy’s face to inspire kids to interact with their food. I know…do you really want them playing with their food? Well if it takes the stress out of dinner time and they actually end up eating, then I’m all for it. Let them create a hat out of peas, a beard out of potatoes, and more.


Oxford Block Figure Spoon Fork Set for Toddlers and Kids, designed to add a little fun to mealtime. It’s also compatible with other brands of blocks (aka LEGO).


Sandwich Cutters for Kids 

Includes 6 cutters shaped as: dinosaur, butterfly, train, heart, dolphin, and star. Encourages cooking with children and brings fun into the kitchen. Child-friendly design with no sharp edges and easy to use. Great for sandwiches, bread, pancakes, dough, waffles and more.


Mealtime Adventures Educational Dinner Game

 This reward-based educational game is designed to motivate kids to eat well and learn while having fun. Kids follow a treasure trail on their game board (which doubles as a dinner mat) as they eat their dinner. The better they eat, the further they advance around the trail. Special treasure hunter’s ‘shovel and fork’ cutlery for added fun.  Allows parents flexibility to teach different behaviors, and keeps kids engaged with their meal.


Bone A-Pet-Eat Kids Cutlery Utensils

This set of cute kid’s utensils helps to put the fun in mealtime by inviting Scoops and Whiskers for dinner! Set contains a toddler fork and spoon which have been lovingly designed with safe self feeding in mind. Perfect kid utensils for training your tot to feed themselves!


 Fried Egg Mold Ring Set

This set of 8 molds for making pancakes or eggs into fun shapes easily. Which will hopefully entice your picky eater to give them a try. Shapes include a Star, Heart, Sun, Flower, Mouse, Horse, Elephant, and Bear.


I sincerely hope if you try any of these products, they make your life a little easier.  At the end of the day, I know my daughter is healthy and won’t starve. She’s just strong willed and that’s probably not a bad thing in the long run. If you have any other tips or tricks to getting your little monsters to eat, please feel free to share in the comment section. Share the love!


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