15 Items to Entice A Picky Eater to Enjoy Mealtime

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Do you have a toddler or child in your household who’s a fussy eater? I know I’m not alone here. My almost 2 year old is making mealtimes so stressful! Why will she not just EAT?! Trying an unfamiliar food is out of the question. And forget about vegetables. I need to try something new. Time to remove the stress and make meals fun. Maybe…just maybe, with the right “tools” I’ll see some success. I’ve searched Amazon for the top rated items in relation to getting fussy eaters to enjoy mealtime and make things fun. Here’s what I’ve come up with. I’ve ordered a couple things and am crossing my fingers. Maybe they’ll at least make her smile instead of just saying “NO!” or “Yucky!” Give them a try it you are feeling desperate too.


Fred DINNER WINNER Kids’ Dinner Tray, Enchanted Forest

This tray is designed to turn mealtime into a board game. The goal is to get to the finish line, where a special covered treat awaits. But, your kids have to eat everything leading to the end in order to get their treat.  Food is divided into eight portions, with an extra covered portion for dessert.
Home Run BaseballSuper (Supper) HeroDino Time and Pirate themes also available.



Sporkstix, Part Spork & Part Chopsticks 


These fun little guys can be used as a fork, spoon or chopsticks. Kids have fun using them and increase their fine motor skills. Bonus: For every Fed Sporkstix sold, the company gives two meals to children in need.




The UpChefs food shaper for kids transforms soft fruit, vegetables, sliced block cheese, lunch meats, sandwiches, and more into fun shapes. These fun, quarter-sized shapes are irresistible to even the pickiest eaters from toddler age on up!



 Construction Utensils & Plate

This set comes with a Construction Plate plus 3 Construction Utensils to make eating a fun activity.
Garden Fairy Set also available if the construction theme isn’t all that exciting for your little one. Parents will love that it’s Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.



 Another product made by FED, which means that each purchase gives 2 meals to children in need. This gadget is more fun than a spoon or fork – The First Ever Pull Action Utensil! Increases fine motor skills while making meal time fun.


 Kirecoo Babies Silicone Suction Owl Placemat

We all know at least one person who cannot have their food touching other foods. Children are no exception in many cases. This product has 3 sections for different foods and has a polished bottom – reducing tipped bowls and plates. It creates better suction to tables and high chairs.
Blue Owl Design — (Also available in PINK)


 AIRFORK ONE Kids Airplane Silicone Stainless Steel Spoon & Fork Set

These utensils are just the thing to bring those mashed potatoes and peas in for a safe landing. It’s high-flying meal-time fun for the little ones.


Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch 

 These food pouches are great if you are still feeding your little ones purees. They are easy to fill from the wide bottom opening. Babies and toddlers learn to feed themselves. Hand one over and enjoy your own meal. They are freezer safe too if you make a batch ahead of time. Can also be used as a lunchbox freezer pack.


 Nuby 3-D Monster Snack Keeper

This cool cup is more for snacking than mealtimes. But it’s a great way to keep snacks in the cup and off the floor. We have two and they are great for filling with Cheerios, raisins, and dried cranberries before heading out in the car. I like to bring one on grocery trips too to keep my daughter occupied. The soft silicone flaps make it easy for baby/toddler to grab snack without spilling it.


Crazy 8 Sale On Now!



This kid-sized dinner plate is illustrated with a boy’s face to inspire kids to interact with their food. I know…do you really want them playing with their food? Well if it takes the stress out of dinner time and they actually end up eating, then I’m all for it. Let them create a hat out of peas, a beard out of potatoes, and more.


Oxford Block Figure Spoon Fork Set for Toddlers and Kids, designed to add a little fun to mealtime. It’s also compatible with other brands of blocks (aka LEGO).


Sandwich Cutters for Kids 

Includes 6 cutters shaped as: dinosaur, butterfly, train, heart, dolphin, and star. Encourages cooking with children and brings fun into the kitchen. Child-friendly design with no sharp edges and easy to use. Great for sandwiches, bread, pancakes, dough, waffles and more.


Mealtime Adventures Educational Dinner Game

 This reward-based educational game is designed to motivate kids to eat well and learn while having fun. Kids follow a treasure trail on their game board (which doubles as a dinner mat) as they eat their dinner. The better they eat, the further they advance around the trail. Special treasure hunter’s ‘shovel and fork’ cutlery for added fun.  Allows parents flexibility to teach different behaviors, and keeps kids engaged with their meal.


Bone A-Pet-Eat Kids Cutlery Utensils

This set of cute kid’s utensils helps to put the fun in mealtime by inviting Scoops and Whiskers for dinner! Set contains a toddler fork and spoon which have been lovingly designed with safe self feeding in mind. Perfect kid utensils for training your tot to feed themselves!


 Fried Egg Mold Ring Set

This set of 8 molds for making pancakes or eggs into fun shapes easily. Which will hopefully entice your picky eater to give them a try. Shapes include a Star, Heart, Sun, Flower, Mouse, Horse, Elephant, and Bear.


I sincerely hope if you try any of these products, they make your life a little easier.  At the end of the day, I know my daughter is healthy and won’t starve. She’s just strong willed and that’s probably not a bad thing in the long run. If you have any other tips or tricks to getting your little monsters to eat, please feel free to share in the comment section. Share the love!


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