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What do you think of when you hear “Boss Babe”? For me, a boss babe is a self made, hard working woman who is making a living working for themselves. And maybe she’s helping others along the way.

When I entered into the world of affiliate marketing and blogging, I was totally lost. There is so much to learn. And don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely still learning. I work at it every single day and I must say, I do learn something new every day. There is a fantastic amount of information available to us online. I have found lots of help via Pinterest from some pretty awesome ladies who have worked hard to grow their following and put great content out there. So I wanted to give them some recognition as a thank you. Here are a few of the amazingly inspiring bad-ass boss babes that have motivated me to stick with it. Some have even given me personal advice and/or offered me the opportunity to collaborate with them.

So here they are, in no particular order:


Olyvia | Online Business + Blogging

Pinterest Followers: Over 21,500
Olyvia offers business owners helpful advice as well as blogging, website and social media tips. I credit this babe with bringing the power of Pinterest to my attention. I had no idea how helpful a tool it could be until I stumbled upon this pin:


Christina Root | Pinterest Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Pinterest Followers: Over 6,500
Christina offers fantastic step by step advice regarding affiliate marketing and using Pinterest to do it without even having a blog, product or website. THAT got my attention. I was on maternity leave, searching Pinterest for ways to make money as a stay at home mom. I had never heard of affiliate marketing before seeing THIS pin:



Seaside Sundays | All things parenting plus tips for making and saving money 

Pinterest Followers: Over 2,600
Like her description says, she provides great parenting posts and tips for making and saving money. I got a lot of info from her Make Money Pinterest Board when I was getting started. I’ve also received super helpful emails from her regarding glitches and changes happening on Pinterest. I emailed her back with some of my issues and she was fast and helpful in her response. It’s so nice to hear from these ladies and know they are putting in the effort to help others. She has a great guide to affiliate marketing you should check out below:



Nadalie Bardo | Goal Setting + Slaying, Self-love, Mindset, Inspiration + Blogger

Pinterest Followers: Over 16,500
Nadalie’s main focus is helping others achieve their dreams through goal setting/achieving, inspiring mindfulness and confidence building. She offers lots of inspiring quotes and “freebies” to help keep you motivated to live your best life. She’s also created an awesome printable planner to help you “Slay Your Goals”. Check it out below if you need that extra push to get your butt in gear and really pursue your dreams, whatever they may be.



Adrian of AdriansCrazyLife

Pinterest Followers: Over 23,000
Adrian is a self proclaimed Pinterest Expert. And judging by her number of followers, you really can’t argue! She’s got the winning Pinterest strategy! She’s got the key to Direct Sales marketing (Etsy, for example) as well. She’s given me some great, personal feedback that I really valued. While Pinterest is her area of expertise, she also offers parenting and financial posts, as well as blogging advice. She’ll even do one on one Pinterest coaching sessions. Because sometimes you just need that experienced set of eyes to look at what YOU are doing.



Suzi | Start a Mom Blog | Work from Home as a Stay and Work at Home Mom | Time Management 

Pinterest Followers: Almost 12,000
I really wish I could remember the pin that originally caught my eye. But either way, Suzi is a mom blogger, and I was in search of all the info I could get. Suzi’s niche is teaching moms, like herself, how to start a Mom Blog. She been very successful at it, has great blog content and has written courses and e-books on the subject to help others succeed. This one is my favourite: 


I hope you can all find some inspiration from these awesome ladies. They may not be aware of it but they’ve taught me so much! I urge all of you aspiring boss babes to follow them and gain some helpful tips along your journey. You never know how much information and education you can get just by clicking on a simple Pinterest pin. 



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