What exactly is Hygge??

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Have you seen the word Hygge floating around social media a LOT lately, paired with images of warm blankets, glowing candles, steaming cups of coffee or tea? What exactly IS Hygge you ask? Well, I’m going to break it down for you.

Hyggepronounced “HUE-gah” is actually a Danish word. It can’t be explained in one word. But it’s been described as the art of creating coziness and joy in the everyday moments of life. It’s a word used to acknowledge a feeling or a moment as cozy or special. Often with family or friends, but can certainly be appreciated alone as well. Picture a quiet Sunday afternoon spent near a warm fire, with a cup of tea, a wool blanket, and a good book.


Hygge is a very important part of being Danish. Having moments of cozy contentment and well-being is just part of the Dane lifestyle. If you ever travel to Copenhagen, you’ll see candles everywhere. Always burning. Day or night. In shops, restaurants, on the streets, etc. The average Dane burns 13 pounds of candle wax a year!


Given that Danes are known for being among the happiest people in the world, I don’t think we can argue that Hygge-ing out is just plain good for the soul. So by all means, get your Hygge on! Slow down and take comfort in the little things that replenish your soul.


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