What is a Bullet Journal?

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Pinterest is FLOODED right now with pins about Bullet Journals. How-To’s and “Prompt Ideas” seem to be everywhere. I had no clue what a bullet journal even was. I thought it was just a short form of journaling or diary keeping. I figured if I was making assumptions about it, other people were too. So I set out to get to the bottom of it and write a post explaining exactly what Bullet Journaling was.

And well…I was WAY off. I had NO idea how detailed it was! I found an amazingly well researched and detailed post about it and honestly, I can’t explain it any better than these gals did. I’m not even going to try. They have everything covered. (More on that below, I promise.)

If you read the post and decide that you’re more of a traditional journal person (like me), I am currently obsessed with Day Designer Journals. They are beautifully layed-out and so pretty. They just make you want to be more organized. Ask anyone who has one…they really are well designed and provide helpful prompts to keep you on task. They’ll even let you try out sample pages for free. 

Look how pretty!

Here’s a look at a sample page:

At the end of the day, I do think bullet journaling sounds amazing! I’m not quite ready to give up on my traditional planner just yet. But maybe someday. I’ll let you decide for yourself. So as promised, here is the absolute best, most detailed description of what a Bullet Journal is:
by Rachel Wilkerson Miller & Ellie Sunakawa (Buzzfeed)

WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer

They nailed it, right? I get it now! I can see it being totally addicting. Comment below if you have a bullet journal addiction. Or if you have other great methods of staying organized and on task.


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