Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

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Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member who loves yoga and/or fitness? Gift guides seem to be so popular right now. I thought I’d join in and create a gift guide for yoga lovers. Any yogi on your gift list will appreciate that you know their interests and cared enough to get them something they can use to help their practice flourish. As someone who does yoga almost daily, I’d be thrilled to receive any of these items.

Here we go!


Fit Spirit Yoga Mat

Starting with the basics – a yoga mat. Now most yogi’s on your list will likely already have a mat. But maybe you know someone who’s just starting their yoga journey. Or perhaps your yogi has specifically asked for a new mat. This mat is a nice, affordable option that’s also nice to look at (bonus)! Other patterns available too.


Lotus Flower Necklace

Jewelry is always a great gift. This lotus flower necklace with Om symbol is unique and suitable for every day wear.


Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks

These socks are perfect for yoga, Pilates, barre, dance. They allow your toes to move and spread naturally while the grips on the bottom provide a non-slip surface.


Yoga Spinner Game

A fun yoga game of flexibility and balance to strengthen the body and stimulate the mind. A great way to introduce yoga through fun play to children 5 and up. How it works: Give the spinner a whirl and perform the pose on the corresponding Yoga Pose Card. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you keep the card, and the first player to collect a card in each color wins!


Yoga Joes


A great update to a familiar, classic toy. These will make any yogi smile and are a fun conversation piece. Packaged in a “mini yoga studio” clear box with bamboo floor. I’ve seen these guys at a local store and they are so cute. Available in Green or Pink.


 Elenture Yoga Mat Carry Bag

Anyone who travels with their own mat to class will appreciate this great bag with pockets for their keys, books, water bottles, cell phones, wallet, etc. It’s 100% organic cotton canvas and is machine washable. And if you don’t love this pattern, there are 20 others to choose from!


Yoga Dice 

This container of dice holds endless inspiration for every yoga lover! Seven wooden dice (one for each chakra) represent different types of poses—seated, standing, balancing, twists, and more—that, when rolled together in the hand or using the container itself, generate a variety of yoga practices for practitioners of all levels.


The Yoga Journal 

This journal is a 3-in-1 tool for yoga lovers. Part tracker, part journal, and part reference guide, it offers everything today’s yogi needs to bring the benefits of yoga off the mat and into their daily lives. This yoga journal is the perfect place to keep track of your yoga routine, goals, experiences, improvements, and achievements. Like yoga, journaling is a great exercise to improve the mind and soul.


Om Nom Noms Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters

Use these fun cookie cutters to create cookies, pancakes, fruit, sandwiches, etc. in the shape of three popular yoga poses. Perfect for gatherings with fellow yogis or just to enjoy at home.


Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray & Towel 

It doesn’t take long for yoga mats to get sweaty and germy! This lavender scented yoga mat cleaner refreshes and renews without leaving an oily residue. It dries quickly while killing bacteria, fungus, and mildew. An essential tool for any yoga lover. Because who wants to stick their nose onto a stinking mat?


Tervis Water Bottle

Perfect to take to yoga class or have by your side during home practice. Everyone loves a pretty water bottle. It’s like a healthy accessory!


Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion

Meditation should not be interrupted by aching bones and sore muscles. Meditation pillows (bolsters) provide a boost up from hard floors, relieving stress from hips, knees and ankles. Bolsters also help to properly align and support the spine. I love this purple peacock cushion!



This sweat resistant yoga wheel is the strongest one on the market. Considered to be the BEST back opener & stretcher you could have, this yoga wheel will open you up to new sequences & forms. BONUS PDF E-guide is also included w/ each purchase. They’ll also give a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product. I love the look of the cork, but there are 4 other colors available as well.



Wacces Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is a welcome addition to any yogi’s practice as they assist with holding poses longer and with less discomfort. This one comes in a variety of colors, is super affordable and gets great reviews. 


UOON Buddha Head Essential Oil Diffuser

I love this Essential oil Burner / Tealight Candle Holder! Perfect addition to a home yoga space or studio. It just screams (peacefully) warm, zen vibes.


Namaste Inspirational Motivational Coffee

Who doesn’t love a new pretty cup to sip coffee or tea from? Any yogi would enjoy this peacefully colored mug to fuel their practice.


Yoga Pug Novelty Socks

These funny, novelty socks are perfect if you just need a small gift for a yoga lover. Would also make a great stocking stuffer at Christmas time.


French Bull Yoga Block

Lastly, I’ll leave you with one last piece of equipment. This yoga block is as pretty and fun as it is useful. It’s lightweight yet sturdy and will help ease into certain poses. Every home practice needs a yoga block…even if you don’t know you need one!

And there you have it.  I hope this gives you some great ideas or at least a place to start looking for yoga themed gifts. Namaste.


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