About Me

Hello and Welcome to LifeStyle Love!

I’m so excited you are here!

I’m Karen. I’m a wife and a mom. I also have more interests than I can count and not nearly enough time to fit them all in. Like many other mom bloggers, I was finding I was doing nothing but work and not having enough hours in the day for everything that needed to be done. Never mind actually fitting in time for a hobby or “down time”. Between working at my job, maintaining a household, keeping up with a busy toddler, pursuing other business options, outside interests, and you know, sleeping….I was just burnt out and feeling a little lost.

I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. I started focusing on finding a legitimate way to contribute financially, while staying home with my daughter, keeping up with household chores so I actually had time and energy left over for other passions.

So, this is what led me to blogging and online marketing. I’ll be diving into these topics and providing valid information on how to find a great side hustle business to allow all of YOU to live your best life possible. I also love a good life hack and sharing toddler (and husband) friendly recipes. I’m passionate about healthy living so there will be posts on workouts, clean eating, yoga, juicing, etc., as well.

Join me here as I navigate through motherhood and learning how to love life, no matter how hectic. I hope I can help motivate others to live a lifestyle they truly love. One blog post at a time 🙂